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2010 Music Website Heat Map

Green indicates positive growth while Red indicates negative growth in 2010. Via Virtual Music.

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From the source:

1. They feel unrealistic to quantify MySpace (not sure why) but MySpace traffic in 2009 is at the same level with Pandora (2nd on traffic top chart). Dropped like crazy in the past 12 months according to but still at 50 million/monthly.
2. Never heard iTunes’ traffic are quantified as they’re not on the ‘web’.
3. According to (in which above data were collected from), 7 has below 100k visitors/month (all sites on the map are all > 100k). Though they have 4 sub-domains in which possibly missed by the author.

7digital also provided white-label services for other products like Spotify or Songbird. speaking of Spotify, it’s also not there.. oh well.

Hey, useful article. I had just a little difficulity viewing this article on Safari although, not certain why?

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