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Using Blog Editor to Overcome Posting Constraints

For the last 2 weeks, i start to use another Blog Editor. I use it because i need to overcome these constraints on running and authoring self-hosted WordPress blogs:

  1. I’m authoring multi blogs.
  2. I use hosting plans with its limited shared resources. At slow loading times, i can spend mostly an hour only to publish a single post!
  3. I need to always logged in to WordPress Dashboard only to publish a post (then usually look around see if i can tweak something :-D).
  4. Add Media feature in WordPress 2.5.1. suck. Find it freeze all the time and mostly ends with Firefox crashes.
  5. I have many drafts in my blog admin and if any MF find security leaks in WP, maybe they can explore it like in the past version. I don’t want to give them that job.

In the past, i’ve been using several blogging editors but i stop using it:

  1. Flock default Blog Editor. I use Firefox as my default browser.
  2. ScribeFire. I don’t like the interface and since i have to limit my add ons since Firefox crash at many critical (important) times.
  3. Windows Live Writer. I’m looking forward to Microsoft products free computer.

After a fair research on search, i found Qumana, another free blog editor software. So i install and try it out. So far i’m impressed with its feature which also has its limit. But things going better as i can spend most of my times doing more reading which i can opt to add more to the writings.


  1. I don’t have to log in to WordPress Dashboard all the time.
  2. I can insert and upload picture directly from the blog editor and escaping buggy Add Media feature.
  3. Can insert HTML tags directly in WYSIWYG editor.
  4. Can edit old posts directly from Blog Manager.
  5. Other standard Blog Editor Formatting Features.
  6. Can send pings to several services at once.
  7. Promted to save post if closing a new post window without saving.


  1. Can’t use Custom Field so i still can’t use Qumana in a couple of blogs of mine since i use Custom Field a lot.
  2. Can’t use post excerpt but i overcome this by installing a post excerpt plug in.
  3. Can’t integrate with Zemanta, so i need to find tags manually (Zemanta saves lazy tagger like me :-D).
  4. Can’t manage or add new categories.

Some Notes:

  1. After using it, you will close the program through File > Quit or simply push Ctrl + Q. Check your system tray see if it still runs, eat your memory and slow down your computer.
  2. Sometimes uploading and inserting images don’t work, but usually it’s succesfully added. Repeat by clicking insert image button, and insert it by linking to it’s uploaded directory (for example http://www.yourdomain/wp-content/uploads/year/month/imagefile.jpg).


  1. Before decide to use blog editor, the main thing to do is to make the blog fix. It means, everything at the blog must set up right so you don’t need to do tweaks just to make the blog ‘look better’ in supposedly posting session.
  2. By not logging in to dashboard everytime, as i’m also designing websites, i can resist the temptation to tweak my blog settings all the time :-D.
  3. The happiest result i can get by using Qumana is that i can escape slow loading times so i can spend most of my time reading, writing and do more research before posting articles.

You can download Qumana here.

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your running into a problem a lot of people have. one thing i do is make a html page with tabs so that way i can access all my wordpress dashboards which is about 15 all from one webpage. To use this many blogs you also need a host that lets you use a lot of databases which isn’t a common thing to find these days. I usually recommend 1&1 because last time i looked even for there basic package you are allowed 25 databases. Plus their support team is just awesome. I use dreamweaver to ftp my files but i know this is a little more involved than what most people want to be. If anyone is getting tired of going to all there dashboards just try what i do and its a lot easier. if you need help just contact me.

The thing is, shared servers load freaking slow at times and i don’t want to waste most of my times at my blog dashboards.

But thanks for the suggestions i have yet implement the html page with tabs.


Hi Andraz,

I don’t use Windows Live Writer, and probably never will, as i’m looking forward to my Microsoft-free-computers.

However, i put your email here so other people can find the new plugin from Zemanta.


Hey guys, Im new here so Im gonna get straight to the point and hope to get some good replys 
When I start my webbrowser, Im using internet explorer its some weird search engine. It used to be google and everytime I change
it back to google its okay. Until I start me pc again, then the wrong search engine is back. How can I get rid off this? Its getting annoying
and there hase to be a way right? 

Well thats it, stupid problem and I hope that it has a nice easy solution that you can come up with, Im getting all your replays to my email
so I´ll keep an eye on the topic, take care. 

There must be a way to set a default preferred search engine on your web browser, even in Internet Explorer. My advice is to get a Firefox, i bet your current problem will be gone.

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