Can Tumblr Sell Ads Without Selling Out?`

Excellent reading at The New York Times profiling David Karp, Tumblr’s 26-year-old founder. Tumblr = Cool company.

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How to Submit Your Tumblr Blog to Google

So you have a Tumblr blog and hope to get indexed quickly by Google. Here’s how: 1. Sign in to your Google Webmaster account. 2. Add your Tumblr blog URL to your website lists. 3. Verify your Tumblr blog. Copy the Metatag from your Google Webmaster. Now sign in to your Tumblr account. At Dashboard, […]


So I Jumped Into 365 Project Bandwagon

I bought the domain back in November 2009, but never had the time to manage a WordPress website for it. So, early this month, i decided to host the project on Tumblr, for its simplicity’s sake and because they have the best iPhone app for posting. I’m sure it’ll move to self hosted server sometime […]