Seth Godin on The Tribes We Lead

Seth at TED. I wish i was there. Via @gleonhard

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Meatball Sundae

Just bought Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae. The cover (hard cover) is pretty cool (pictured). Last time i bought Seth’s book, The Dip, i quit my corporate job and never look back ever since. By far it’s the best decision i’ve ever made in my adult life. It really is! Don’t know where this book will […]

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Music Industry Hidden Business Plan

This is so true about music industry’s latest boom from marketing guru Seth Godin: The mediocre record companies, mediocre A&R guys and the mediocre acts are struggling to stay in place. They’re nervous that it all might fall apart. So they wait. They wait for ‘proof’ that this new idea is going to work, or […]

Social Media

Seth’s Internet Who’s Who

This is cool from Seth Godin: Apparently, this used to be very exciting news. Pre-web, Who’s Who was the best way to tell if someone was connected. You went to the library and looked someone up. You could see (most important) if they were in the book, and then you could see where they went […]