App Of The Week: Gibbon

Found this several days ago and find it interesting. Gibbon is “Playlists for Learning”. What you can do on this site after sign up is to choose what you want to learn, then Gibbon will serve you with several articles related to the topic. Below example of page where I can learn about Storytelling.   After […]

Music Thoughts

How Your Dad’s Music Influences Your Taste

I wish my dad listened to Iron Maiden, but he didn’t. However, at the end, I’m glad I found ACDC, Kiss and Black Sabbath to grow up with. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! (RIP). Infographic via Sonos’ blog.


Grocery Store Musical by Improv Everywhere

They do it again!

Cool video

Total Eclipsed of The Heart

The female lead voice went out of tunes at times (give her a break, it’s Bonny Tyler‘s), but heck, this version of Total Eclipsed of The Heart produced by DAS Jr. Production is too fun to be missed 😀


Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book

These days a lot of the headbangers and thrashers out there are reaching an age where they’re starting to have kids. That includes me. I was wonder if my kid (s) are into Britney Spears. No way.! So it’s an interesting conundrum; how to get our kids into metal? The answer is finally here in […]