App Of The Week: Gibbon

Found this several days ago and find it interesting. Gibbon is “Playlists for Learning”.¬†What you can do on this site after sign up is to choose what you want to learn, then Gibbon will serve you with several articles related to the topic. Below example of page where I can learn about Storytelling.   After […]


Radical Openness

It’s TEDGlobal 2012’s theme and what ‘The more you give away the more you get back‘ means.


Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs

I believe in formal education, it massively helped me discover my own entrepreneurial strengths and talents. Later, i can even help others to find theirs. But it’s true that you can’t send your kids to school and expect them to graduate as entrepreneurs. Bad teachers can of course discourage your kids, but if you can […]