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Disain Profil Baru Twitter

Sudah cukup lama mendengar kalau Twitter sedang melakukan disain ulang halaman profile pengguna, dan hari ini Twitter mengumumkan bahwa disain baru profil sudah diberikan kepada beberapa pengguna sebelum terbuka untuk umum.


What I Read Today

It’s weekend so I do a bit more reading than usual. US Twitter User Base Begins to Mature (eMarketer). Here’s how the globe looks like. The US is only part of it. Welcome to Googletown: Here’s how a city becomes company property (The Verge). Google is so enormous Mountain View has become the city of Google. A place […]


The Genius of Design Documentary

This is a 5 hours documentary movie by the BBC on history of design. This movie is originally split into 5 parts and it is sold in BBC Store on DVD format. However, these two videos below are downloadable via Vimeo. This well made documentary is useful not only to students who are learning to […]