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Surat Terbuka Untuk Developer Yahoo! Indonesia

Halo, gue Robin teman Iyay. Mungkin lo sudah pernah mendengar nama gue, saat Iyay pindah ke perusahaan gue. Ya sudah. Apa yang sudah terjadi, sudah terjadi. Jadi, peace! 😀(the dude can fuck off!) Kemarin sore gue mendengar kabar dari Iyay, bahwa seluruh team developer Yahoo! Indonesia dipecat. Sebelumnya, Iyay sering cerita betapa solid-nya team di […]


Indonesians Lead Usage, but Malaysians Lead Entertainment Consumption

Yahoo! posted Yahoo! S.E Asia releases study on Internet trends and media consumptions on their company blog. The study is conducted in Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines and Malaysia. What isn’t surprising me on the key findings is that Indonesia, the largest and fastest growing online market in Southeast Asia, has recorded a jump from 22% […]