Panduan Bergambar untuk Gelar Ph.D.

The following is Indonesian language translation of The illustrated guide to a Ph.D. by Matt Might from University of Utah. This brilliant easy to understand guide is also available on printed and .pdf slide format. Bayangkan sebuah lingkaran yang berisi ilmu pengetahuan manusia: Ketika menyelesaikan Sekolah Dasar, Anda tahu sedikit: Sesudah menyelesaikan SMA, Anda tahu […]


Seven Ways to Get Success Instead of Fail

Fear of being failure is strong. Sometimes it drive my head, while sometime i can overcome and get my success. But human is fragile, need to be reminded. So I’m glad i found a cool article from Pick The Brain, 7 Ways to overcome the fear of failure and post it here: 1. Consider the […]